Youth For Change

"Youth For Change" is bringing a nation together to have an impact for our generation. Walking-Away from violence and do what's right for the future. Better education and communication for a brighter future. 

The Inspiration behind "We Can Change Our Ways"

Was inspired on June 25, 2009 by the death of the late King of Pop Mr. Michael Jackson and a concerned 10 year old little boy who is my son. From that I prayed and asked GOD what was my "Purpose in life? My answer: To help change our relationship with our children by inspiring their hearts and minds in the messages of music.


The Message We Bring

Our messages is to uplift, motivate, inspire, support, love and learn to forgive one another.


          We Thank Our Proud Supporters 





“Youth For Change18 America!”  

A campaign to raise awareness against hunger, violence, spiritual guidance, and lack of education and programs for our youth. It's a positive program uniting all ages from all walks of life to get involve in their community. To participate in our awareness campaign " Just-Walk-Away” from violence & "Run to Love & Education." We are asking for everyone's support in this movement for our children.

Give back to your community by making a difference join the movement.